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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do you bill for?
A: Primarily for County, Private and Hospital based EMS services.  We specialize in Ambulance Billing and Collections.

Q: If you had to describe what you do in 5 words or less...what would they be?
A: "Increase revenues"...period!  I believe that is only 2 words.  Now if you require me to use all five words, they would be "Increase Ambulance and EMS Revenues".  Now that's five words.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Maysville, Georgia - USA

Q: With the amount of money you collect for our county, I don't understand why every county, in Georgia, doesn't use Emergency Billing?
A: Me neither.  I assure you that every time I get the opportunity to show a potential ambulance service the amount we will collect over our competitors....9 times out of 10 the switch to us.

Q: How may accounts do you have?
A: We bill for 25 ambulance services.

Q: We received your quote but you are a little higher than your competitor.  Can you tell me why I should use Emergency Billing over this lower bid your competitor sent us?
A: Well yes I can.  First of all, we collect a considerable amount more revenue in all of the accounts we have taken from this low bidder.  Secondly there such a thing called "Price" verses "Cost".  The "price" you pay for something, up front, may be the lowest bid but the actual "cost" of using this lowest bidder usually ends up being quite a bit more expensive.  The loss of revenue is usually the biggest cost of switching to a low bidder.  And last but not least...Several of these counties have used this low bidder in the past....and they switched for a reason.  Please call our references.  They speak the truth!

Q: We are a very small county and you probably don't bill for small counties...do you?
A: Of course we do and we would love the opportunity to bill for your county.

Q: What is the difference between Ambulance Billing and Collections and, EMS Billing and Collections?
A: Basically they mean the same thing.  Sometimes people may search the latter if they are looking for a company to do fire billing also.

Q: How would you compare your collections rate, or revenue, to your competitors?
A: I can only speak for the clients that we have taken from our competitors.  For all of these clients, we have increase all of their revenues a considerable amount.

Q: We bill in house.  Can you do better job than we do?
A: We have increased the ambulance revenue for every account that we have billed for.

Q: Which industry title fits your company the best?  Ambulance Billing and Collections Company, Ambulance Billing Company, EMS Billing Company, EMS Billing and Collections Company, Ambulance Medical Billing Company or a EMS Medical Billing Company?
A: In our industry, they mean basically the same thing however we refer our self as a Ambulance Billing and Collections Company or as a EMS Billing and Collections Company.

Q: Do you bill for anything else like doctor offices?
A: No. Just ambulance services.

Q: Have you ever lost a county ambulance service to a competitor?
A: We have lost only 1 county, to a competitive bid in our 11 years of doing business.  We lost it to low bidder.  We were told, by one of their county commissioners, that they lost over $600,000.00 in the revenues their first year alone by switching billing companies.  Being curious, we did an open records request and it proved that we increase revenues far better than our competition in this particular case.

Q: Do you have any ambulance billing and collection job openings?
A: Usually we don't at the moment...however we are always looking for talented people to add to our team.  Don't ever hesitate to send us a resume'.  Because of our consentient growth within our company...you never know.

Q: How many employees do you have?
A: 25 and growing.

Q: Do just bill in Georgia?
A: We bill primarily within the southeast, however we can bill anywhere throughout the United States.

Q: How may years have you been in business?
A: 10+ years however Donna has been billing for more than 20 years.

Q: How big is your facility?
A: We are located in a 10,000 square foot building.

Q: Have you ever taken over a another billing company's county client?
A: Yes...We have taken over several and we have increased all of these clients revenues.  In fact all but 3 of our clients came from a competitor.

Q: Can you bill for an air ambulance company?

Q: Are you a medical billing company?
A: Yes, however we only specialize in Ambulance Billing and Collections. Also referred to as an EMS Billing and Collections Company

Q: We are thinking about outsourcing our whole ambulance service to GRADY EMS...ambulances and all?
A: If you have the right billing company in place, I can assure you that this would have never crossed your mind.  Also in response I wrote a blog....and it reads as follows...Georgia Counties….Please READ.  Why in the world would a Georgia county basically give their ambulance service to Grady EMS?  If there wasn’t any money in the EMS business then why would Grady EMS be aggressively pursuing to takeover your counties EMS service. There is a better way!  Let Emergency Billing show you how we can make a difference in your billing. We have increased the revenue for every county that we bill for. Give us a call today at 866-902-4367!

Call us at 866-902-4EMS (4367) to learn how our compliance expertise means better business management and increased revenues for you! 

What do clients say?

“…since 2006 EB has proven to be a vital source of timely revenue collections”….”Not only has this company increased our revenues substantially over in-house billing, but they also bring a wealth of knowledge in medical billing and coding that is crucial in the billing process.” (Milton D. – County Chairman)

"Emergency Billing, LLC has been our choice of emergency medical billing service since August of 2006”…..”After signing up with Emergency Billing, LLC we noticeably increased our amount of collections. Furthermore their wealth of knowledge of the rules, regulations and guidelines of the billing and coding process is incredibly important to the success our billing process”….. (Jeff S. – EMS Director)

“We elected to move our business to Emergency Billing”…..”Our move to Emergency Billing has proved to be a valuable investment”….”You owe it yourself to look into Emergency Billing, LLC.” (Susan H. – CFO)

“Sure, there are other billing companies out there who claim that they can save us money, but we rather stick with a company that we know makes us money!” (Allen E. - Chairman of the Board of Directors)

“They have accommodated us in every area necessary”…..”they are more than willing to help whenever needed.” (Chris S. - Director of Operations)