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Posted 05/21/2017

National EMS Week...is May 21-27...Be sure to thank your local EMS department and EMS professionals this week. We really appreciate all that they do!

EMS Week

Posted 03/28/2017


Easter Video - Our IT Department has a little to much time on their hands.

Posted 02/20/2017
New Web Site Up and Going...

Posted 02/17/2017
One of our many free EMS classes to the counties we serve…

Leigh and Amber engaging with Walton County medics on 02/15/17…

Posted 02/16/2017
Kind Words From Grady County...

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A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeff Smith...

From all of us at Emergency Billing…We would like to wish Jeff Smith, of Greene County EMS, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Call us at 866-902-4EMS (4367) to learn how our compliance expertise means better business management and increased revenues for you! 

Here is what some our clients say?

“…since 2006 EB has proven to be a vital source of timely revenue collections”….”Not only has this company increased our revenues substantially over in-house billing, but they also bring a wealth of knowledge in medical billing and coding that is crucial in the billing process.” (Milton D. – County Chairman)

"Emergency Billing, LLC has been our choice of emergency medical billing service since August of 2006”…..”After signing up with Emergency Billing, LLC we noticeably increased our amount of collections. Furthermore their wealth of knowledge of the rules, regulations and guidelines of the billing and coding process is incredibly important to the success our billing process”….. (Jeff S. – EMS Director)

“We elected to move our business to Emergency Billing”…..”Our move to Emergency Billing has proved to be a valuable investment”….”You owe it yourself to look into Emergency Billing, LLC.” (Susan H. – CFO)

“Sure, there are other billing companies out there who claim that they can save us money, but we rather stick with a company that we know makes us money!” (Allen E. - Chairman of the Board of Directors)

“They have accommodated us in every area necessary”…..”they are more than willing to help whenever needed.” (Chris S. - Director of Operations)

Employee Christmas Party Video...

It is now a tradition that we decorate the back of our warehouse and host our own Christmas party.  We really enjoy doing this for our employees and their families.  Emergency has the best employees.

New for 2017 - Exciting News…

Soon you will see new videos and blogs from Emergency Billing starting in 2017.  Be sure to check in regularly for important news, perspectives, and insights into our company and industry.